First concepts: How are they presented?

Rather than just showing your new logo on a screen and asking you to make a huge decision for the future of your brand, we try and fully immerse you in each concept.

So, once we’ve completed the initial concepts for your brand identity, we create a booklet to showcase each different direction. The concept booklet is usually around 24 pages long and gives you a fantastic oversight of your new brand.

The booklet starts with a brief explanation of the insights that pushed us to take that direction and why we think this concept will work for you. We then move onto the good stuff. We showcase your logo design in some simple layouts, allowing it to shine and make a good first impression. We then dissect the logo and explain the meaning behind any symbolism.

The next few pages show the colour palette, typography, logo lockups, suggested brand photography and any patterns, iconography or supportive elements that we think would compliment the brand.

Finally, we show the identity in-situ. We use 4-8 high fidelity mockups of your stationary, web design, packaging design, presentation decks, billboards, etc. These aren’t finished products but quick concepts that help put some life into your brand identity.

Each concept book should feel slightly different; within the parameters defined in the discovery phase through our Stylescapes. Making the choice a little easier. The aim of these booklets is to take the guesswork out of the decision. We want to make you feel like you know how each direction will turn out, should you decide to move forward with it.

It also helps you to highlight any limitations you see in each direction. We can then address those at this early stage rather than having to revisit at the end of the project.

Any revisions or changes requested after the initial presentation will be represented in the same format.