Make Noise has evolved.

Make Noise was founded in 2014, initially as a sole trader, before growing into a successful small design agency. It started as a full service marketing and design agency, which inspired the original name: Make Noise Marketing. However, due to some personnel changes, our marketing offer fell away and we decided to concentrate on design.

Over the years we stayed as flexible as possible. We listened to our clients and allowed them to shape us. After all, a brand is the way your clients feel about you, it’s important to listen to them and make sure you’re serving them in the best possible way.

It was this tactic that eventually led us to the decision to rebrand and reposition to better serve our clients. We noticed that the majority of our new clients were startups looking to build luxury, aspirational brands and online experiences.

With each new project we gained more and more expertise in luxury strategy and design. We realised that the Make Noise brand was no longer a good representation of the work we were creating and the level of service we were offering. It definitely wasn’t resonating with the clients we were serving.

So we strategised, repositioned, renamed and rebranded the agency. Enter Opulo, the luxury branding agency.

Opulo is an adaptation of the word opulent. We will strive to ensure every aspect of our offering is done with refined opulence; process, delivery and customer service.

Opulo is a boutique branding and web design agency that specialises in creating opulent, aspirational brands for ambitious clients.

We wanted the Opulo mark to represent three things.

- Refined Opulence (in reference to our name and our mission to be a luxury branding agency that creates opulent identities)

- Sacred Geometry/ Alchemy (We practice design alchemy. We alchemise a meticulous design process with unrivalled customer service to create a luxury experience unlike any other design agency)

- Some kind of link to the stars and the universe. (We are a luxury branding agency creating the stars of tomorrow).

Sacred Geometry

The logo construction started with a simple circle, or the Opulo ‘O”. We intersected this circle with a second one to form the Vesica Piscis. This is the eye shape in the middle of the logo formed by the two circles.

The Vesica Piscis is often referred to as the womb of the universe. All sacred geometry is created from the Vesica Piscis, as shown in the animation below by Ioan Pricop. We thought this was the perfect symbol for our ‘creating the stars of tomorrow’ tagline.

The logo also splits nicely into 6 separate sections, which we can use throughout the brand to represent either our services or our design process.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new and existing clients to Opulo and start creating the stars of tomorrow.

Please note: the old Make Noise website is still live. We are no longer taking new clients through there but we have left it online so old clients can still find us.